CSR Sydney - Corporate Social Responsibility CSR Sydney - Corporate Social Responsibility

What We Do

CSR Sydney assists our clients to cut through the rhetoric and clutter of CSR and achieve better results: environmentally, socially and financially. Ultimately, we support their sustainability.

Each company is unique, so there are no off-the-shelf answers. We apply the best tools for each situation. Initially we might use internal and strategic review, stakeholder mapping, risk and opportunity scanning, competitor or field analysis. Then business case and CSR Strategy development, induction and training, background briefings, network and HR capacity development. Later in the cycle, a company will need performance evaluation, accountability and reporting. Of course, a company will already be 'doing CSR' but not calling it that, so we can start where it suits. Sometimes with the Board, sometimes operationally, often in between.

We work with our clients, not on them or at them. We take pride in our role as consultants: assisting where needed but not owning the project. We sometimes have to broach the difficult questions that are hard to ask internally.

Our core CSR services include: