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CSR Resources

This page will document resources we find useful, limiting ourselves to applications of CSR in the Australian context. The internet is filled with (too much!!) information on CSR so we won't duplicate it here, but see our links on our home page, and we are happy to advise on good company sustainability reports relevant to your interests.

CAMAC Report 2007
In 2006 the Federal Treasury asked the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committed to report on whether changes in legislative requirements especially on Directors' responsibilities, or other measures were warranted to support CSR in Australia. The CAMAC report is a closely argued response and Chapter 2 includes a good summary of CSR. Submissions are also published separately and make interesting background reading.

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Services Report on CSR 2006
Again in 2006, a Parliamentary committee looked at whether legislative means should be used to reinforce CSR, and decided not, though other measures were warranted. As with CAMAC both the report and the submissions are good summations, in this case the supplementary ALP report has interesting implications.

Australian Stock Exchange Principles of Good Governance Review (in progress)
The ASX is looking at whether their Principles warrant change towards more accountability for social, environment or governance transparency. Discussion paper and submissions are at

Show Me the Money UNEP 2006
A report sponsored by the UN Environment Program linking commercial success with sound ESG (environmental, social, governance) practices. Dispels the myth that CSR and sustainable practices are simply a cost rather than also an opportunity.

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
The GRI is now under the UN Environmental Program, and is emerging as the dominant reporting framework for CSR. Its indicators and structure also offer a good overview of the issues a company might address in forming a CSR Strategy. It is driven by stakeholders and the recent upgrade, G3, is now online.